AM2R Creators Don’t Want People to Boycott Metroid: Samus Returns

Awhile back, a lot of seemingly justified hate was thrown at Nintendo when they shut down AM2R (Another Metroid 2 Remake) almost immediately after the game released. Nintendo had not only (at least on the surface), practically abandoned the franchise, they shut down what was then (and still is) a really impressive remake of a game the fan base loved. A lot of the hate, of course, was stemmed not from the fact that Nintendo didn’t have the right to do it, but that Nintendo was killing it while at the same time not doing anything for the series.

It turns out not only was Metroid Prime 4 in the works, an official Metroid II remake was going on as well inside Nintendo. There are still many avid fans who are trying to encourage folks to boycott Metroid: Samus Returns. However, the creators of AM2R are weighing in, suggesting that the boycott flys directly in the face of what AM2R truly was meant to do. Here is how they put it in a reddit post:

Hello, everyone.

To our surprise, an official remake of Metroid 2 was announced during the Nintendo Treehouse last week. Let it be know that DoctorM64 and the rest of the devs behind AM2R are very much looking forward to Metroid: Samus Returns. AM2R was originally started to serve as a platform to practice programming. After 10 years, it gained a much bigger following than anticipated and eventually served as a loudspeaker for the demand of mainline Metroid titles.

Now we know Nintendo was listening.

Whether or not AM2R had any influence on Metroid 2 receiving an official remake, we honestly don’t know but so far the signs seem to point to no. Yoshio Sakamoto was not aware of the project until after M:SR had already been in development for about a year. (

Regardless of their awareness of the project, the fact that we are getting two brand new Metroid games is wonderful news! Most fans, like us, seem to be ecstatic. However there’s some concerning behavior cropping up.

This morning I saw on Twitter that some people want to boycott M:SR to support AM2R ( PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS. If you don’t want to buy the game because you can’t afford to or it doesn’t seem like a game you would enjoy, don’t buy it. That’s your money, spend it the way you want. But if you’re not buying it because of the whole AM2R/Nintendo debacle, that makes the community look bad, like we’re upset with them for giving us what we’ve been asking for for years.

The overwhelming support is great, we’re so incredibly thankful for everyone who played the game and stuck by us when things got rough. Your kind words mean the world to us.

tl;dr – We love you and the support you give us, but now it’s time to support Nintendo for listening to their fans. Play Metroid: Samus Returns, show them yes, this is what we want!

Thank you for your time.

In other words folks, if you wanted a Metroid II remake, boycotting a real one doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.