AM2R and Pokemon Uranium are Removed from The Game Awards Nominee List


The Game Awards is happening in just under two weeks and while the full nominee list was released (sorry about not posting it, we’re a bit behind), two controversial titles have been removed from the reward list likely at the behest of Nintendo. There is a “Best Fan Creation” award that includes AM2R (Another Metroid 2 Remake) and Pokemon Uranium, two games Nintendo has successfully or attempted to take down this year shortly after full release.


They were two of the most successful and popular fan creations in 2016 as well, where either of them had a far better chance of winning the award than the other comparable entrants. It is notable that Reggie Fils-Aime is on the board for The Game Awards, meaning Nintendo has some major influence on the event. Their sudden removal is likely due to Nintendo not wanting to draw attention to two projects they themselves shut down.

What are your thoughts on this development?

Source: The Game Awards

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

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  • Zamurai

    I mean come on… fuck nintendo for protecting their own IPs, right??

    • I am not really upset at Nintendo. I mean, you know what is likely going to happen if you make projects like this – and for those that do it’s often still worth it to them because once released, it will forever exist on the internet.

      That being said, it is a bit ironic that Brutal Doom 64 is on there and the company behind Doom has already showed public support for the game’s existence and hopes it wins the award. It just shows two very different fundamental approaches to handling the same situation.

      • Leonard Norwood Jr.

        A part of me has been hoping for Nintendo to lighten up. I could get why they are so tight with this. But these fangames are harmless compared to the actual games they release. Nintendo in terms of some games and products have had some ups and downs, with the Wii U that’s a part of the downs despite some good stuff about the console. I don’t see why this can’t be worked out somehow. Those made AM2R only did it in Support of Nintendo along with letting their creation based on a VG developers ip exist on the internet. But unless Nintendo suddenly answers them and hire them(which Sega did contact Christian Whitehead, and they are making Sonic Mania), some things weren’t going to happen like that. The fan made creators had to have known this but still did it anyway. AM2R is cool, and Nintendo should at least take this positively and step it up. I don’t know whose truly in charge of this whole thing, but some change is definitely needed, before it gets way outta wack.

  • Corvo Attano

    Fuck Nintendo, I am not buying the Switch or Pokemon Sun/Moon.

    • Leonard Norwood Jr.

      Because of this…sounds pretty weak if you ask me…

      • Corvo Attano

        Oh, it’s not just this, but I cannot name all my grievances with Nintendo off the top of my head.

        • Leonard Norwood Jr.

          Here’s the thing, people should know how Nintendo acts. So why are they still making fan games of their franchises. Some people really shouldn’t be mad about all this, when companies will crack down on anything they see as illegal, and most of them knew. And it’s not like other companies are exempt from the things they did that people didn’t like.

          • Corvo Attano

            Just because we know what will happen, does not mean we have to like it. And people still make these fan games because 1) They love the particular series that much, 2) They have a passion for making games, but do not want to commit themselves to a company, because then their creativity and individuality will be suppressed, and 3) Because Nintendo refuses to make something that fans actually want, so enthusiasts have to take it upon themselves to make it. To add to this unfavorable reaction to fan games, Nintendo has the worst user content management system. DLC and digital purchases cannot be synced across multiple systems. Nintendo still region locks their consoles, which is a pain to many players. And gameplay recording is a hassle compared to using Shadowplay on a PC or a Shield Tablet. The 3DS is even worse, the internal resolution is still horrible, and one has to spend $200+ to hardmod their 3DS just to record gameplay, whereas the Shield Tablet has recording software and processing power pre-installed and built-in. With all that being said, Nintendo still makes good games, but a handful of games is no longer enough to make up for the flaws of the hardware.

          • Leonard Norwood Jr.

            Some parts I agree, and some people will go ahead and make stuff, but in the end, unless it’s their own stuff. When it comes to make games based on other franchises that’s owned by other video game companies. There’s not even a sliver of luck, if said company decides to shut it down and it will be the end of it regardless. I’ve been come across the fact that Nintendo did some anniversaries and Metroid was the one that didn’t get celebrated, despite the fact that it had most games with universal or critical acclaim. Those things still say something knowing there’s still more good games than bad games, and it holds promise. Unfortunately all they got is Federation Force, and it’s a bit of a joke when they didn’t bring anything up for Metroid other than the game, which does seem unfair considering it’s done just as much as other games.

            I can see why people go ahead and make fan games, but they are not and will never be the main guys responsible for its creation, they can only be responsible of their own series. There’s plenty of examples all around this world and in the internet. AM2R is a fun project that took the original Metroid 2 and made it into a very convincing game that gives it more content and that’s impressive. Same for Pokémon Uranium, however those things were made at such a high chance to be noticed and get DMCA’d. And while those game will still be played on the internet through other means, it just says that those two are still illegal products, and until that’s changed, no go.

            Well I’m finished with this discussion. You may have some points, and I can’t stop you from making the decision, even something as ridiculous to make you not get Nintendo Switch because of fan games based on ips taken down and you liked it. And you and everyone were WARNED NOT TO DO THAT if they say not to according to copyright rules they follow, and it’s not just Nintendo! I’m not that upset at Nintendo, but given these changes that’s happening, it is possible for Nintendo to lighten up, but it may take a lot for it to happen, but it won’t happen until something is worked out. I do remember something that Iwata said about fan games and the support they give to Nintendo, so he was willing to give them they ok, but he’s gone now.

            AM2R and Pokémon Uranium are impressive, and they do show support for pokemon and Metroid, but those guys who made them are still probably learning how to make their own games, and they are no substitute for Nintendo. A lot of people talk a lot of crap these days. “Made a game better than Nintendo” they said. Even so for that seemingly one moment, it’s just a impressive “remake” of one game and illegal. At least it shows the person’s love for the series and hopes Nintendo one day makes one impressive game of that series. Federation Force isn’t it, but Nintendo can find a way to pull it off.