Accessory Makers Claim Switch Mini Arrives in September

No, Nintendo hasn’t actually announced that the Switch Mini exists. While rumors around it and a potential Switch Pro have been running rampant seemingly since the Nintendo Switch launched in March of 2017, now we have something at least on the surface feels a bit more concrete. The mock-up you see above comes from one manufacturer out of China and hasn’t appeared anywhere else before yesterday.

It depicts what is, supposedly, the Switch mini and a case design for it. Cases you can actually order as a retailer right now. Curious, fans have dug deeper and contacted another Switch accessory maker from China who provided the following emails:

September? Well now, that’s certainly interesting timing. You see, Nintendo has a pretty heavy slate of games coming starting at the very end of August… and then all the way through September. Have a look:

So the big question is… will the mini release in September? We won’t have to wait long to find out. With a potential September release, we should see the system announced sometime in the next two months.

Where does this leave the Pro? While some outlets remain firm it’s launching this year, it’s pretty doubtful it launches along side the Mini. At best I would venture to guess it would release this holiday, though 2020 may be a safer bet. That’s of course assuming any of this stuff is true. But at least when it comes to the Mini, we can start to see the tip of the flames of the actual fire in all the rumor reports.

Source: Resetera