A New Pokémon Movie Has Been Announced

A few days ago, a 30 second trailer for a new Pokémon movie was uploaded to the internet.  The visuals of the trailer are impressive and rather realistic. The realistic form of animation gives the trailer a sense of excitement and hesitation. The sweeping landscapes transition to a familiar white house where a Pokémon Trainer, presumably Ash, picks up a Poké ball and dons his hat. The trailer then fades to the title Pokémon: I Choose You (Lit. You Decided).

The new movie is set to come out in Japan on July 15th, and the voice over during the trailer is in Japanese. The narrator says that there is still a new world to see and still new friends to meet. After setting that scene, the narrator declares that a new journey is about to begin. A question is also asked of the viewer before the movie title is revealed.

There has been no English date given for the movie yet, but it seems as though this is going to be a great edition to the Pokémon universe. Watch the trailer and let us know your thoughts on this development down in the comments!

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