A Heated Mother 4 Debate | Nintendo Prime Podcast Ep. 30

We’re back… back again…. the Podcast is back…. tell a friend! This podcast is special for us for a number of reasons. Chief among those is it marks the debut of our new audio mixer! This is a massive upgrade for us in the studio over the virtual mixer as we could adjust the volumes on the microphones live as we recorded. We could also naturally mix the voices together in a much easier fashion than we could previously.

We hope you agree that there is a huge audio quality jump from our last podcast, as it’s something we are proud of! We want as pleasant of a listening experience as possible.

That all being said, this week on the podcast Nate and Eric are joined once again by FiveJayGaming to talk about a bevy of interesting stuff, including a heated debate on Mother 4 that truly came out of nowhere. Strap in folks, because you’re in for a bumpy ride!

Below you can download the full audio only version:

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