A Fan Has Released a Playable Demo for Breath of the Wild Reimagined on the NES

We know that one of the early creation processes for Breath of the Wild was to create the game in the classic NES The Legend of Zelda style to get a good feel for how their ideas blended with the original basis for the whole series. Of course, that version of Breath of the Wild in NES style will likely never make it public as it was simply a development tool. That didn’t stop Micropig Gaming from attempting to recreate Breath of the Wild in that classic NES style for all to play.

A demo has now released and like any good ol’ fan project, it’s tippy toeing it’s way around Nintendo’s copyright policy. As an example, instead of being called Breath of the Wild 2D, it’s simply titled Breath of the NES, something that doesn’t infringe name-wise on the IP. Almost all of the assets in the game are completely original as well. Thus the game feels more like a homage than a complete ripoff (or, maybe you want to consider it a rip-off akin to Lonk’s Awakening on phones, which is just Flappy Birds with a Zelda skin). Either way, I have played the demo myself and I came away highly impressed.

You can download the demo right here if you’re intersted. I’ll be putting up a Nintendo Prime Plays video either later today or tomorrow so everyone can get a deeper look at what this demo offers.

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

A veteran in the video game media sphere, Nathanial co-founded Gamnesia, founded MetroidWiki.org, ran the news the segment on the Zelda Universe Podcast, found and ran Zelda Domain from 1998 to 2006, and built Zelda Informer as the Editor-in-Chief from 2008 to 2017. He now owns and operates Nintendo Prime. You can follow him on twitter @NateJanc, otherwise just stay tuned at Nintendo Prime for more of his work.