A Bowser Figure is Being Made by First 4 Figures

Collectors can have themselves a pretty big New Year’s celebration in the coming weeks as First 4 Figures has announced a pretty exciting project. The figure makers have posted a teaser image for a Giveaway revealing a brand new Bowser collectible slated to come out this year. First 4 has been responsible for detailed Nintendo figures in the past including a diorama of Link Vs. Scervo.

From what we can tell this figure looks great you can clearly see bits of details for the scales and the color palette is right on the money. The figure will most likely be above or around the $250 USD mark in sync with the other statues on the site and is currently not yet up for pre-order.

Are you looking forward to picking up a collectible figure from the site?

Source: Nintendo Everything

  • The Liberator

    The statue will be closer to $800, not $250
    Bowser is massive in size

  • DutchEZmoder

    I’d say $600

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