It’s hard to believe we’re just under a month and a half away from finally knowing practically everything we as a consumer need to know about the Nintendo Switch. The only thing January 12th’s (13th in Europe) event won’t give us is any hands on impressions. Everything can sound and look fantastic, including the games lineup, but you don’t truly know without someone trying them out that you trust that isn’t a marketing arm for the companies invested in the success of the product.

We know Nintendo planned to have a hand on event sometime close to the big show, and it turns out that event will be happening literally right after the event in Tokyo. For 5 hours, invited members of the press will be able to attend a private event in New York to try out the Switch and get most of their questions answered. Of course, all of this may come with a heavy NDA restriction as Nintendo may want certain details to trickle out over time, instead of overloading us consumers the very next day.

That being said, it’s exciting to know this is happening. Part of me wants to get an invite, but I am unsure if I could really afford to make the trip if I did. Either way, we’re getting closer to knowing everything we need to know.

Source: Polygon