3D printing has taken hardware faking to the next level. Earlier this year we got what was a rather believable looking “NX” dev unit that was totally fake, thanks in large part to 3D printing. It has happened again now with a very official looking Nintendo Switch creation. During a recent online stream this fake popped up on screen, sending many in the internet world buzzing. Here is the somewhat convincing look straight from the stream itself:


During the stream they proceeded to detach and reattach the controller bits, put it in a docking station, and all of it looked extremely official all the way down to sticker placement and official logos. Of course, the keen eyed could point out a few differences from this to what we saw during the reveal, but given nothing is released it wasn’t a stretch to feel this may be an earlier unit. However, as expected, the unit was an expertly crafted fake. It was actually created by the same people who created the first 3D printed “NX” unit. Here is a making of video explaining how they did it and going through the whole process:

I can’t help but be impressed. The facade didn’t last nearly as long this time, but this probably the most beautiful and expertly crafted fake we have seen to date of any pre-release hardware unit in the gaming world. I admit to wishing I had this fake on hand to get a pretty solid feel for what the final unit is like.

Source: Eurogamer