25 Predictions for the Nintendo Switch Presentation

After two and a half months of waiting, Nintendo will finally lift the curtains on more of the Nintendo Switch. And it is fair to say that with less than 8 hours remaining before the presentation, hype levels are through the roof in anticipation for what the new console will have in store. So as a lead-up to it, I thought it’d be fun to throw in some predictions for what we may be seeing. Well, if you qualify 25 as ‘some’. The odd couple are silly or just plain hopeful, but regardless, here are 25 predictions (in no particular order of likelihood) for the Nintendo Switch Presentation.

Launch Date and Price

Yes, this is more of a safe slot of sorts for my bingo card (hence the amount of predictions in the article), yet a prediction is still a prediction. My feeling is either March 10th (MARIO Day (it’s a perfect fit c’mon Nintendo)) or March 17th, the middle of the month. Price is a bit trickier, but over in the UK I’m gonna say £200 for the base console, and an extra fifty quid for a bundle option with one, perhaps two, games.

The new 3D Mario

This has to be a given, seeing it was seen briefly in the Switch’s reveal trailer. Not only does it look gorgeous but it may very well be returning to the gameplay of 64 and Sunshine, and who doesn’t love a good Mario game? But I’m going to say that this will be a launch title for Nintendo’s new console.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Yet another obvious choice. A trailer for the latest Legend of Zelda title is going to be here of course, but what seems to have caused a lot of concerns is its definite release date. Part of me doesn’t want to say launch, given I just said 3D Mario will be taking that honour (although if both are that would be massive). However, given how it has been marketed with ads for the Switch (even over here in Europe), in addition to some recently leaked Hori accessories having Breath of the Wild on them, it wouldn’t be extraordinary to say we may be seeing this at launch.

Splatoon Sequel

Another game we saw in the Switch’s unveiling, and one that got me VERY excited at just the simple sight of different hairstyles. It can be easy to say this is a Wii U port (others to follow in the article), but something about that should clip says a new instalment. The fact that the map featured looks new yet in a similar style to the original’s Urchin Underpass implies this is the new ‘generic’ map, for lack of better terms. Bring in new customisation options shown and this could be a hint for a sequel. Besides, for a new IP that could be a launch title for a system that may actually sell well, I think an enhanced port over a new title altogether will be a bit underwhelming.

Mario Kart 8

King Boo and two item slots with the Yoshi Circuit from Mario Kart 8? We may be looking at a port for Switch

Yes, I just talked about the Splatoon game not being a port, however, seeing as the brief gameplay of Yoshi’s Circuit (GCN), in addition to the same graphical style of the eighth instalment, we could be seeing at an enhanced port. Like the last three, this would make an absolutely STELLAR launch game, especially as not only is Mario Kart 8 already a brilliant game, but it was the best-selling Wii U title! Adding more characters, tracks, and perhaps a half decent battle mode would make a port of this classic well justified.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch

This is a little more risky, and I think we will see this later down 2017 (most likely for the holidays), possibly at E3 even. But a tease for a port of this fan-favourite would be wise considering it seems to bring every Ninty fan together. I’m going to be risky and say this port will have all the stages from the 3DS version, as well as Ice Climbers.

Pikmin 4

I feel that the souls of those eagerly awaiting the next Pikmin game (as talked about by Mr. Miyamoto himself back in 2015) died a little when they saw the new game coming to the Nintendo 3DS. I firmly believe that that was NOT Pikmin 4. It’s curtain will finally be lifted during this presentation, and will be released during the Summer period, alongside at least one Pikmin series amiibo.

Nindie reels

Listen, I haven’t got anything against Nindies games. But there is that dreaded moment in every Direct where you worry if the reel with probably a handful of titles that you are actually bothered about will take time for potentially better anouncements. Of course, I’m hoping for Nintendo’s strong relationship with Indie developers to carry over to this generation; after all Shovel Knight has just been confirmed to be coming to the Switch and Yooka-Laylee is looking like it’ll come too. But I feel I speak for a good chunk of you when I say the above. Nevertheless, they seem to be represented in some form or fashion with these kind of things, and if the reel were to include Shantae: Half Genie Hero and/or Runbow, I’ll be a happy camper.

Inazuma Eleven Ares

Now THIS is hopeful. In case you don’t know what Inazuma Eleven is, it is a football/soccer RPG that involves over-the-top special moves, but I’m hoping to do a better job at explaining this series in a future article (as long as it doesn’t take as long as Galaxy to get localised in Europe (seriously, where is it NoE?)). Inazuma Eleven Ares will be the first game in over three years, but when it was first revealed it didn’t specify if it would come to the 3DS (the traditional platform for the series) or mobile devices, leading me to believe (or should I say hope) that it has a chance at coming to the Switch.


Okay, this is yet another hopeful choice (fans of the series may pick up what I did there). But Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony was my number one choice for third-party games that I want to see on Nintendo’s new console. Considering its strong history with being on Sony platforms, this may seem unlikely, but Spike Chunsoft, the developers behind this series, has been a confirmed partner, so who knows?

Final Fantasy XV

Given the relationship Square Enix and Nintendo seem to have with each other, the latest in the esteemed Final Fantasy franchise could seem likely to come onto Nintendo platforms.


Another from my top 5 3rd party Switch games article, OverWatch is just so Nintendo in its design. The gameplay provides for one of the most enjoyable shooters I have ever played (the little that I have), and I think it is impossible not to love a good couple from the diverse list of heroes playable. As a result, this will be well suited to a Nintendo platform.

GameCube Virtual Console

If we will be seeing GC titles for Switch, what ones are you hoping to return to or play for the first time?

A rumour which came from Eurogamer a while ago, but it is one that has me very excited. I’m going to say the first three will indeed be Luigi’s MansionSuper Mario Sunshine, and Super Smash Bros. Melee. Hopefully the whole Virtual Console will be handled by NERD too, the people behind the NES Classic Mini, which was well-received for its emulation.

Mother 3 localised

What better thing to get hardcore Nintendo fans excited by finally releasing the long-requested localisation of Mother 3? I’m going to say it’ll be called Earthbound 2 too, similar to how the original Mother was changed to Earthbound Beginnings for Western audiences.

New Xenoblade

Monolith Soft have been confirmed to be going to the live event, but the question if they’ll be showing anything off is the question. I predict that it will be another game in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, possibly a sequel to Xenoblade Chronicles X, or at least a port of the Wii U game, which I still have to complete it.

The Mario X Rabbids game

It’s fair to say this took us all by surprise when we first heard of this rumour, but it is such an oddball idea that I feel I had to include it in my predictions. I’m gonna play it safe and say that it will be a strategy RPG as rumours have said, but aside from that I have no idea what Nintendo and Ubisoft have got up their sleeves with this, if it is true of course.

A share ability

It has been long speculated that the Switch will have a ‘share’ ability, which can be accessed via the button on the left JoyCon (not unlike what the PlayStation 4 can do). For what you can share your experiences too, I’m going to say Miiverse, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. Let’s just hope it won’t take ages to load.

Fire Emblem

With the success of Fire Emblem Fates, in addition to the next Ninty mobile game based on the franchise, I wouldn’t be surprised if we were to see the strategy RPG at this event. A recent rumour stated that Koei Tecmo is working on a new Warriors game like what we saw happen to the Legend of Zelda series, so it’d only make sense to mix it with Fire Emblem, right?

Pokkén Tournament

Croagunk took us all by surprise I’d say, but it’d be a shame if we don’t get to play the ‘mon on a Switch port

I was originally going to do just Pokémon for this one, much like the last one. However, a port of Pokkén Torunament seems more likely to be announced here. The rumoured Pokémon Stars would rain on Sun and Moon‘s parade so to speak, as it hasn’t even been two months since its release yet and has achieved so much, both in terms of its sales and reception. As a result, this would be better suited for Nintendo’s E3 this year. Pokkén is looking possible due to recent additions to the roster in the arcade version of the fighter, and I doubt they wouldn’t want those outside of Japan not to play with these characters.

Metroid Prime 4

This is a choice that I’m a bit unsure of. I’ve never played a Metroid game in my life (please lower those pitchforks), however, hopefully after the blunder that was Federation Force, Nintendo realises what fans want. It could make sense given that Retro Studios is supposed to be working on something for the Switch, so I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’ll be the fourth in the Metroid Prime series.

The console will be region-free

If we think what Nintendo is doing is actually what they’ll be doing, we could be looking at a Nintendo home console that is more in lines with the current times. I think one way they could show this would be with making the system region-free, which would be HUGE for those that simply can’t wait for localised versions that may take ages.

A new ‘meme’ or funny moment

Come on. Even if we don’t get anything new, Non Specific Action Figure is long overdue for another appearance.

This is more just for the laugh, but it is hard to deny that we get some funny or charming moments in Nintendo Directs or other presentations, like the classic ‘my body is ready’ for example. From what I’ve heard this is going to be a bit more formal presentation, however I don’t think this disqualifies the legality of this prediction.

Project Sonic 2017

We haven’t seen anything since the game’s announcement back in July, so given the blue hedgehog’s history with the big N, it may be appropriate to shed some light on Project Sonic 2017. It is coming to other platforms, and whilst a Sonic Mania announcement is more likely, Sonic is just such a big name in the video game industry that I feel that it’d be fitting to have him appear in some form or fashion during the show.

Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter is massive, especially in its home country. This is one third-party game in particular that has strong ties to Nintendo, so as a result, I think a game from Capcom’s series could do wonders for Switch. The graphical power of the home console, with its portability to boot, could do great things for those that like high-defination monster huntin’ and for those that like being able to take down beasts on the go.

An amiibo-centred games

I’m not sure why but I feel that Nintendo will bring amiibo back into its prime with the Switch, by showing a game that demands their usage that isn’t utter rubbish (*cough* Amiibo Festival *cough cough*). There may be standalone amiibo launching aside it for characters yet to be released, but I don’t think it will involve all of the current amiibo; there are over 100 figures after all!

Phew, so there you have it. 25 predictions for the Nintendo Switch event. It’s hard to believe that we’re already here, no? Just 6/7 more hours (depending on when this article gets published) and Nintendo will finally unveil its future. What are you expecting from this presentation, or what are you hoping for? Let us know in the comments below, and you’re reading this after the big event, what did you make of it?