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This Breath of the Wild “Sidon” Parody of Beauty and the Beast’s Gaston is Magical

This may be the greatest thing I have seen fans create about Breath of the Wild yet. I’m a sucker for Disney music, so seeing this amazing parody has really made me smile. It was created by YouTuber Rogerbase… and there isn’t much more I really want to say. Listen to it. Enjoy it. It’s that good.

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Here’s an ARMS Character & Weapon Showcase

ARMS is Nintendo’s latest new IP heading to Nintendo Switch later this year. Those that played an early demo of it in January and February walked away seemingly happy with what they played as the game offers both full motion controls with two Joycons or a more traditional setup (of which, no media member has experienced yet). It is unclear if the game will be able to capture gamers in the fighting genre the way Splatoon was able to capture shooter fans last generation, but what is clear is we are entering a period of time where Nintendo should be ramping up promotions for the title.

Today we have for you two new videos that showcase the characters (above) and some of the weapons (below)...

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Exclusive: Why Super Mario Maker is a Bastion of Creative Freedom & Replayability

Super Mario Maker is a very interesting experience. While it’s a “level maker” game, it happens to be one which can make future 2D Mario games hard to justify releasing, given the endless nature of the game itself. We decided to take a look at how Mario got to this point and how Super Mario Maker offers an experience that invokes the freedom of creation and infinite replay-ability.

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GameStop is So Thrilled About Switch Sales They Think it Could Eclipse Wii

That’s a pretty bold statement that comes from the current retail industry leader for video game software and hardware sales. GameStop has now publicly commented on the sales success of the Nintendo Switch and needless to say, they are extremely pleased. Eric Bright from GameStop had this to say about the Switch:

“The Nintendo Switch is off to a start right now that it could possibly eclipse the Wii. Initial sales on this have been phenomenal. I can’t give straight numbers, but I can say we’re seeing one of the highest attach rates of software and accessories to a device that we’ve seen in a long time.”

There was a bit more from an interview he participated in, but this is probably the biggest projection news from GameStop in sometime.

Source: GameRant

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You Can Totally Build an Airship in Breath of the Wild

Do you want to do some semi-serious airship flight in Breath of the Wild? Well you can… with a bit of creativity. YouTuber BeardBear figured out that if you attach Octo Balloons to a raft, it will literally take off and you can then use your Korok Leaf to fly off into the sunset… sort of. Octo Balloons have a very limited timer for how long they last, so you’d need to really pack your inventory with a ton of them before going on any serious flight mission (you know, the ones you totally make up… on the fly).

Take a gander at the video above. All I can do is imagine the possibilities.

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Report: Nintendo Producing 16 Million Switch Units for FY 2017/2018, 10 Million in Sales Expected

Well now, Nintendo has reportedly adjusted nearly every metric for the next fiscal year for Switch. According to the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo has doubled their Switch production lines for the next fiscal year from 8 million units to 16 million units, with them expecting to sell 10 million of those units during the fiscal year 2017/2018 (April 2017 through March 2018). They also adjusted their expected first month sales from 2 million to 2.5 million units.

That means over the span of 13 months, Nintendo expects to now sell 12.5 million units while having a 6 million unit surplus either in stores or in warehouses ready to go to maintain a study supply stream for fiscal year 2018/2019...

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Sonic 2017 is Now Called Sonic Forces – Here’s Some Gameplay and Details

We finally had the lid blown off the Sonic 2017 project coming to Nintendo Switch. We now know the game is called Sonic Forces and we learned a slew of details about the game thanks to a big panel at SXSW. Before we get down into a breakdown of select details from that event, here’s our first off screen look at the game in action:

Here’s ma rundown of information we’ve had come to light throughout the day:

  • Is an evolution of Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations
  • 3 unique gameplay styles will be included, including “modern Sonic” & “classic Sonic”
  • Built with a new engine called Hedgehog Engine 2, which is a massive evolution of their old engine
  • Global illumination, physical rendering, and other new enhancements are being added into some of their older visual designs
  • SEGA’s Shun Nakamura is ...
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Breath of the Wild Impressions, Review Scores, & More – Nintendo Prime Podcast Ep. 19 (Part 3)

I deeply apologize ahead of time for the shoddy audio on our end. We had to use our backup audio source which is admittedly not great due to some extreme technical issues. We’re looking into getting these issues resolved for next week.

Below you can download the full audio only version:

Download (Right-Click, Save As) | iTunes

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Here’s a Clever Solution for Playing Switch on Your TV Without Putting it in the Dock

Sorry folks, no single dongle solution here. However, it is possible to play the Nintendo Switch on your TV without sliding it into the dock rather easily, though it’s not entirely elegant. It is, however, simple. YouTuber Switch It Up essentially plugged a USB-C extension cable into the dock, then propped the Switch itself up in the air with the HORI Switch holder so it would get proper cooling, then plugged the extension cable into the Switch. This charged the unit, allowed it to display on the TV, and he personally did not experience any additional input lag.

He used this extension cable specifically, combined with the HORI Playstand. All told this setup runs around $25 to do and is quite simple.

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Game Theory Analyzes the Switch’s Possible Future

Game Theory posted a video on the possibilities that Nintendo could use the Switch for in the coming months and years. MatPat analyzes what the technology in the Joy-Con’s HD rumble feature could do with the Switch. He found a patent on a headset that is from Nintendo that resembles a VR headset and speculates that Nintendo may step into VR again in an advanced way, when combined with the HD rumble.

With VR combined with HD rumble, players would be able to feel as though they were actually experiencing a sense of touch within the game. However, MatPat takes his theory further to say that the Switch might be capable of running AR games. The Joy-Cons have a camera in them that can sense objects in the real world and can feed that data back into the game...

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