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Rumor: Resident Evil 7 Coming to Nintendo Switch, May Support VR

Well, it wouldn’t be a new year if we weren’t getting some final fragments of Nintendo Switch rumors as we patiently wait for January 12th. Supposedly Resident Evil 7 is going to be coming to Nintendo Switch and right now Capcom is working on getting the game to support VR on the system.

This is according to YouTuber OBE1plays. Now, before you quickly dismiss his video on the matter because of how he chooses to present himself, know he has had legit conversations with well known Nintendo Switch leakers such as Laura Kate Dale. Does that mean you should outright believe him? Well, of course not. This is however his own unique rumor, and for his sake I hope he’s correct so we can trust him moving forward. That being said, here is what he had to say:

Here’s a rundown, courtesy of GoNintendo:

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Why Super Metroid is a Game Deserving of Love

Super Metroid is one of the all time greats. A true classic that helped solidify a genre that the series’ name is part of (Metroidvania). But what exactly about this game is great? Is it simply nostalgia? We stand firm that this game is still great to this day, but why? In a new video we go over why this game deserves it’s love, with or without nostalgia goggles. Do you agree?

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Rumor: Unreal Engine 4 Can Hit Up To 1080p, Medium Settings, By Default on Nintendo Switch

There has been a lot of chatter lately that the Nintendo Switch may be weaker than some expected, and while this new rumor doesn’t inherently lessen that chatter, it does fundamentally point out the Switch can do something that really doesn’t exist in this form factor on the market. According to NeoGAF user M3d10n, there are two distinct default settings in Unreal Engine 4 for the Nintendo Switch – one while it is docked and the other when you’re on the go.

This comes from Unreal Engine 4’s master bin file, which essentially contains a group of default settings for various devices for devs to work with. Three names in the file, Wolf, WolfSea, and WolfAir, all got changed over to Switch, SwitchConsole, and SwitchHandheld, respectively...

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A New Pokémon Movie Has Been Announced

A few days ago, a 30 second trailer for a new Pokémon movie was uploaded to the internet.  The visuals of the trailer are impressive and rather realistic. The realistic form of animation gives the trailer a sense of excitement and hesitation. The sweeping landscapes transition to a familiar white house where a Pokémon Trainer, presumably Ash, picks up a Poké ball and dons his hat. The trailer then fades to the title Pokémon: I Choose You (Lit. You Decided).

The new movie is set to come out in Japan on July 15th, and the voice over during the trailer is in Japanese. The narrator says that there is still a new world to see and still new friends to meet. After setting that scene, the narrator declares that a new journey is about to begin...

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Super Mario Run’s Success Doesn’t Stop Nintendo’s Stock From Falling

When Pokemon GO released, Nintendo’s stock soared to some incredible numbers. That was largely misplaced, as Nintendo did not stand to profit from the game nearly as much as Niantic and The Pokemon Company did. That being said, Super Mario Run is a wholly owned Nintendo developed mobile game that debuted to some top selling numbers. Despite that success, Nintendo stock investors are not buying it, as Nintendo’s stock fell a shocking 4% overall on launch day.

According to some analysts who spoke to stock holders, they are concerned that Nintendo has overpriced the game at $9.99 and that despite strong launch numbers, the game will see a sharp decline, especially given there it no current way to continue to get money after an initial purchase (IE, micro-transactions)...

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NES Classic Edition November Sales Tally Show Japan Got More Units Than the United States

Have you had a hard time getting your hands on a NES Classic Edition in North America? While Reggie Fils-Aime is sticking by the company of line of demand being greater than they anticipated, what seems extremely odd is that Japan received more units of their Famicon Classic Edition than North America received for the NES Classic Edition. Why is this confusing and note worthy?

Japan obviously has a smaller population than the United States alone, but home consoles are also not a primary market in Japan anymore, as they have moved over almost exclusively to handhelds. Meanwhile, the home console business is absolutely booming in the United States. Beyond those facts, the NES itself sold around 19 million of its 62 million units in Japan...

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Rumor: Nintendo Switch Runs at More Than 1 teraflop, Features Maxwell Architecture

So far every rumor we have heard about the Nintendo Switch pegs the archecture as running under NVidia’s newer stuff called pascal. We now have a new “report” stating that it actually runs on Maxwell, which is what the Tegra X1 ran on. Performance wise, this doesn’t necessarily mean much in terms of overall power, as Venture Beat is stating the chip runs at over 1 teraflop. That means it’s not at the PlayStation 4 level of performance, but could very much be close if not hard to distinguish from an Xbox One.

The differences between Maxwell and Pascal typically deal with more performance for less power, with smaller chip sizes. That means if the console is using Maxwell over Pascal at over 1TFLOP, that same performance on Pascal would give us a longer battery life...

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Super Mario Run is Off to an Explosive Sales Start, Charting #2 in Uk, #7 in US

Super Mario Run launched on iOS devices today as is already off to a stellar start sales wise. It is the #2 grossing app today in the UK (Pokemon GO is #1), while it is the #7 top grossing app in the United States (Pokemon GO is #5). Of course, it may not be unexpected to have such high sales day one, but we’ll see how long it remains a top seller, given this is a single purchase title with no micro-transactions.

I have recently downloaded the title, so I’ll have full thoughts with a potential review later.

Source: My Nintendo News

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A Patent for Nintendo Switch Reveals VR Support, Touch, Gyroscope, and More

The Nintendo Switch may be tackling virtual reality after all. A patent Nintendo filed for the Nintendo Switch back in June has finally been published online and it unveils several ideas and concepts for the system that appear to be directly tied to what we have seen so far as the finalized product. Included in the patent is the potential for the system to support virtual reality:

Beyond that, there are additional details and tons more images:

Inventors: IWAO; Toshiaki; (Kyoto, JP) ; TAKEI; Masaya; (Kyoto, JP) ; FUJITA; Kumpei; (Kyoto, JP) ; IKUTA; Hiroki; (Kyoto, JP) ; HIROSE; Shinji; (Kyoto, JP) ; AKAMA; Tetsuya; (Kyoto, JP) ; TSUCHIYA; Hitoshi; (Kyoto, JP)
Applicant: NINTENDO CO., LTD.
Family ID: 1000002022311
Appl. No.: 15/178984
Filed: June 10, 2016


An example...

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Fairly Odd Parents Creator Re-imagines Nintendo Characters

Butch Hartman is the creator of The Fairly Odd Parents show, one of the highlights of my cartoon watching youth. As the lead artist and series producer, he is extremely self aware of the unique art style presented with the show. As a fan request, he has created some of Nintendo’s most popular characters in The Fairly Odd Parents stylings to great affect. He shows you the work as he creates it and which characters inspired each piece for the show.

He has a new show called Bunsen is a Beast debuting on Nickelodeon next year. Were you a fairy odd parents fan?

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