Switch Lite Sales are In, Combined Total Near 42 Million

Nintendo held their 2nd quarter financial results meeting for their current fiscal year last night and we learned a ton of information. The combined total sales for Switch Lite and the Nintendo Switch is 41.67 million units worldwide.

The Switch Lite itself has moved 1.95 million units world wide since launch, with the base Nintendo Switch moving 2.85 million units this past fiscal quarter. The current combined total Switch sales make it the 4th best selling Nintendo “home console” of all time, where it’s around 8 million behind the SNES. However, Nintendo has all but admitted the Switch lite is their 3DS replacement, so the waters are even muddier on if Switch is a home console or a hand held console. Of course the real answer is… both.

But then it’s #1, as it’s the only system like that in Nintendo’s history. However, they do still count it as a home console internally, for now. Anyways, we have much more news coming your way from the financial briefing, so stay tuned!

Source: Nintendo